At least once in your life, you’ll be a victim of data loss at some point.
As a small business owner, you spend a lot of hours building the documents and the tools that will eventually generate  profits for your company.  You work hard to provide the best product or service possible.   

You want to have a “good” 

Unfortunately, the fact is that not all business owners go the extra mile to make sure their data is protected.  A lot of small business owners underestimate the impact that data loss will have on the business.

A recent Paragon Software Group study on Small businesses reveals that about 21% of companies (about 1 out of 5) have experienced data loss that caused significant impact to the business.  Some of those businesses go out of business within 1 of the data loss event.
If you consider we are now dealing with more and more data on a daily basis,  viruses are becoming smarter (look at ransomware and the increasing number of people affected by viruses)  and other factors, the chance of losing data is increasing.
Sometimes, small business owners think that having  to backup might take more of their precious time and so they postpone it.   Often you can find a software solution that you can “set and forget.”   In other words, backup software that after initial setup,should run automatically in the background.
In addition to local backup (on a local external drive), you might want to also consider         backing up on the cloud.  It has now become more reliable and faster to backup offsite.  

Make sure you check all the features/fine prints, when comparing Cloud backup software.
Stir away from syncing software (Dropbox is not a backup service, nor is OneDrive or Box or  Google Drive or any of the other syncing cloud software out there)

You might want to check out 123Tech Cloud Backup.  It has military-grade encryption, it keeps your files on the cloud, even if you delete it from the computer, and it allows you to access the backed up data from anywhere. Click here to go to the 123TechBackup website (  If you like what you see, please feel free to take advantage of the special offer, available just for a limited time.
You have nothing to lose (including your data) and 45-days trial.  Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Please DO NOT wait until it is too late to have your data securely backed up. 

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