There are many things in business that can affect your business positively and some other negatively.
Some of which you can control, some other you cannot

You’d be CRAZY to run your Business with Outdated Technology!  Especially for a long period of time.

There are various reasons why SMBs do not keep their Technology updated, but the predominant reasons are:

    – no time or not enough time spent on it
    – no money or not enough money spent on it

The smaller the business, the worst it gets.  Not enough resources to handle all that is necessary to do at the business.
Business owners tend to ignore or procrastinate anything that is not “Urgent” on a daily basis.  Same is for Technology.

Businesses will spend only a few hours per month, if any on software updates and even less, on updating hardware.

What are the risks of running your Businesses with outdated Technology?

(1)  Wasting Time:  your employees or technology itself won’t be available because of crashes and system downtimes

(2)  Decreased Productivity: your employees will spend time fixing the issues with Technology and not being productive at the business

(3)  Security Risks: by not updating software on time, your systems become vulnerable to cyber attacks and cybercriminals

(4)  Losing the Competitive edge: Technology is evolving so fast that it becomes increasingly difficult to compete if your business relies on outdated technology

(5)  Compliance risks: if you are subject to HIPAA or other compliance rules and regulations, you could be liable for fines for running unsupported software

Please check out our article Think like a CyberCriminal to find out how you can protect your business. 

I would suggest you schedule a 20-30 minutes call to see what we can do for your business.

There is NO-Obligation.  We will provide some suggestions, no matter if you decide to hire us or not.

  PS:  If you are doing all of the updates, but find yourself with not enough time to run your actual business, I will urge you to also contact us! It is worth it.

Also, as we always recommend:

Please make sure to always BACKUP your data and have software that protects you from VIRUSES, Malware, etc..

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