Why Managed Services?

Technology is vital for every business.

With new technology being introduced daily, each business has to make sure users are trained to utilize that new technology and if no technical help is available, would have to find a way to correct problems when they arise.  From hiring and training employees to successfully manage these systems to keep them updated, it’s a difficult task.  That’s why more businesses are investing in managed services to keep their devices functional and secure.

“Managed Services” is the practice of outsourcing day-to-day IT management and Computer Tech Support to an outside party.

The Managed Service Provider (MSP) will remotely monitor and manage your IT infrastructure and will address most of the warnings and issues before they become a threat or become a bigger problem.


Managed Service

123Tech Managed services – Fast- Secure!


The Advantages of Managed Services

When I talk to business owners about Managed Services, many have the preconception that Managed Services are only for big corporations.

The truth is that especially small businesses are less likely to have a dedicated IT person on staff to monitor and promptly correct issues on each system.

More often, if there is a tech person in the business, that tech will “react” only when something stops working.   (Break-Fix model) .   By choosing to subscribe to the monthly service provided by an MSP (that uses a Proactive approach), a business can limit downtime, reduce IT and labor costs, and be able to plan for IT on a budget.


Here are some of the advantages you’ll have with Managed Services:

    • An MSP gives you predictable, monthly pricing.  Installing patches, checking backups and security, fixing any errors related to the installed software.
      It’s all included in the “low” monthly fee, no matter how many hours it takes us to fix it
    • Technicians will get alerts on a daily basis and can make fixes remotely, eliminating most in-person visits and unnecessary service fees
    • You do not have to worry about tech problems any longer. Know that we will take care of any issues or do the daily maintenance while you’ll spend your time growing your business
    • By hiring an MSP, not only you’ll save and reduce costs by having a fixed monthly fee, but we can also help you improve/optimize your setup and processes according to your budget
    • By using a proactive approach, instead of reacting to a problem when it occurs, an MSP will often prevent many of the problems from happening
    • Since we believe that security at your business should be a top priority, with 123Tech’s Managed Services, we include Virus/Ransomware protection at no additional cost
    • Another top priority that we focus on is Data protection (whether it is your business data or your client’s data). We want to make sure that your data is not only protected from cybercriminals but also backed up, in case of data loss, whether accidental or due to hardware failure.
    • An MSP will keep all of the installed software (Windows and applications) up-to-date with the latest patches, on a daily basis
    • As an MSP, not only we will help you plan and grow your business, but we’ll help you prepare all that is necessary, in advance.
      As a result, you’ll be able to scale your business easily and within the budget
    • We’ll help you implement security measures, whether it is with passwords, firewalls, encrypting data, and whatever else is necessary
    •  As an MSP, we’ll provide periodic reviews and reports


  • Some of our managed services plans include:

    • Remote Monitoring and Maintenance
    • Technical Support (remote/on-site/also outside office hours)
    • Managed backup and antivirus
    • Ransomware protection (w/ instant recovery)
    • Cloud Solutions
    • Help Desk service
    • Hosted PBX (Business Phone system)


  • Fix your IT budget

    Predictable costs with a flat-rate service plan!

    With Managed Services,  accountability is shifted to the IT services provider (MSP).  You do not pay more when your OS  network is down or a server fails.  No matter how costly the resolution to a technology-based problem is, you still pay a flat monthly fee.

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