Hosted PBX / Biz Phone

There have been a lot of changes/improvements when it comes to business phone solutions, especially since the Internet and cloud gained popularity.  It is now much easier to implement and eventually scale your phone system as your business grows.   By taking advantage of a service that you already use – the Internet – you can secure the communication platforms your company requires while removing unnecessary service costs.

Reduce Communication expenses

Say goodbye to expensive telephone service.    Often, phone companies, offer bundle services in an attempt to make more money and to provide consumers with the opportunity to get more for their money.  However, the “cost savings” may not turn out to be valuable, since your business might not use all the services that the package provides.  With 123Tech Hosted PBX, you get exactly what you pay for.  This helps you build a solution to best align with the specific needs of your business.

Scale for Growth

Add users, extensions, and phone lines easily.   With the traditional PBX phone system, it used to be more difficult to work with and costly to make changes, for example adding new lines, or extensions.   With a cloud hosted PBX solution, your phone infrastructure is much more dynamic and new users can be added easily. You don’t have to lay new phone lines or remodel your office every time you add users.

Cloud-based.  Maintenance-free

You can take care of anything else at your business – we’ll worry about your phone system.
Small businesses often don’t have the staff on-hand to take proper care of their technology solutions, including a hosted telephone solution. 123Tech Hosted PBX can provide the care needed to ensure that you get the most out of your telephone system while maximizing uptime.

Get the Most out of Your Phone System
Implement a hosted cloud PBX solution today.

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