Various businesses in different fields are exploring the use of drones mainly to reduce costs or provide faster service. The main applications are:
Goods delivery – First Aid / Disaster relief – Sports / war photography – Atmospheric research – Wildlife research

To name some other applications:
Hurricane hunting, 3D mapping, farming applications, search and rescue.

Since 2004, U.S. forces have used armed drones for anti-insurgent strikes in the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa and… perhaps… other places of which we have not been publicly informed.

In the past year, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has begun working on new regulations to allow drones — or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), as the bureaucrats call them — to operate in civilian airspace. However, to help stop the reckless use of drones, in early 2016, the FAA started requiring every drone to be registered. Drone owners will have to give their name, email address and mailing address, and pay a $5 fee. 

I know a local business in Florida that uses drones in their business to provide Aerial videography (breathtaking aerial views) that can help your business create promotional packages to set your real estate listings or whatever you are promoting apart from the competition (

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