Data Backup / Disaster recovery

Every year, thousands of businesses around the globe are affected by business interruptions.

Software corruption, Hardware failures, Cyber-attacks, Power outages and Natural disasters can affect a business day-to-day operation and cause major money loss and worst-case scenario, the business having to go under.  No business can afford downtime.

Our goal is to help business owners plan and figure out how best to guard each business against these threats.

Adopting a business continuity plan is very important for every small business owner looking to protect their data and to quickly recover from disasters.  Once you understand what the risks are, you can come up with a strategy of how to deal with the threats and minimize any business impact.

Our Data Backup / Business continuity services ensure that all of a business’s data is securely backed up onsite/offsite and can be recovered, when necessary.


Business Continuity

Although backup and disaster recovery processes make sure that a business can recover its systems and data within a reasonable time, there is still the chance of downtime, that could range from a few hours to many days.   The main purpose of a business continuity plan is to give businesses continuous access to their technology and data while restoring all back to normal.  The goal is to minimize downtime.

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