Our computer is running slower lately..... What do you suggest?

There might be different reasons why your computer system runs slower.  First, you should determine if only one application (e.g. MS. Word, MS. Excel) or everything, including the operating system (e.g. windows 95, XP) is running slow.  Also, when did the system start this behavior?  Did you uninstall or install any programs recently? There might be a program that always runs in the background, taking up memory.  Ask us about our Prepaid Tech support plans which allow you to keep your computer system tuned for optimum performance.

I have problems starting Windows/shutting down windows.

A way of solving this problem is to interpret the error message (if you are getting one) or to determine when the problem occurs and what you did or what happened just before the system was working fine.  If you have just installed or uninstalled hardware or software, a file might have gotten corrupted or deleted.  In this case, you might have a resource conflict.  The expert engineers at 123Tech are trained to troubleshoot problems that might come up in most of the computer systems.

Can I perform cleanup tasks and backup automatically on my PC?

You definitely can.  The way you do it depends from what operating system you have. (e.g.  Windodws 8, Vista, XP).   For example in Windows 8, you would move the cursor on the right-bottom and select the search box and enter “Schedule Task”., under the Settings tab and click on the window that is shown.you will see the “Task Scheduler” Window. You click on “Create Basic Task” from the right pane.  Enter the Name and Description about the task and click on “next” Button and follow the wizard  .

In the other operating system It would be a similar process.   Ask us about our training programs.

We can also analyze what you do on a daily basis and suggest some automations /optimations to your PC.

Do you charge per instance or by the hour for tech support calls?

We can understand your frustration since, at times, we have to deal with vendors ourselves.  123Tech has a PrePaid Tech Support plan or you can choose, obviously is more expensive, the Hourly Support option.  What we definitely suggest to do is, once your computer system is running at optimal performance, to get a Recovery System in place that, in case of problems, will take you back to a point where it was working correctly.  We use it on all of our computers since sometimes it’s NOT time effective to find the problem, but to spend the least time possible to have the system working again.

Is there an easy way to determine if we have a virus on our system?

Unless you have seen it, unless you have been there when the virus stroke, it’s not an easy task.  123Tech engineers can check your system and then determine what the problem is.  Most of the times, it’s better to have us come to your location since remotely is not the best way to check a system to diagnose a problem, at least one that disrupts your work.  Whenever you can, you should opt to use our Remote Support option, which is less expensive per hour and is available to clients, with appointment, for training, customizations, backups, sending and receiving files, etc.

I never upgraded the computers because it seemed so overwhelming . What do you suggest?

Yes, when you have done it a few times already, it seems easier but yes it can be overwhelming.   First to choose which software package or which version to buy.  Then have toinstall it and if you miss a step, you could end up missing a feature later on or having to reinstall.   We can also train you and your employees and do the data transfer (definitely backup your data)

You also have to verify if the software that you are buying is compatible with the hardware that you have.

The cost of networking and sharing files has gone down a lot and the setup is a breeze, compared to what it used to be.   If you are having difficulties either determining what to get to upgrade your PC or in the actual upgrade itself, please call us and we’ll help you setup your system so that it runs in the most effective way for your company .

How can I determine if 123Tech is the right technology firm for us?

We have been circulating these 10 commandments lately that we’ve taken from a 1998 article from Earl G. Graves Publishing Co., Inc.

We live by those commandments.  They should give you an idea of what you can expect and should demand from any technology consultants, including 123Tech’s.


10 Commandments:

1. Listening is a virtue. A consultant should listen to your needs and objectives before offering advice. Their primary task is to translate your needs into workable solutions.

2. Be wary of technical jargon. Consultants who don’t explain things in terms you can understand may not have your best interests at heart.

3. Inquire about the consultant’s objectivity. Have them specify any special allegiances or financial incentives tied to specific products.

4. Know exactly who is going to do the work. Whether it’s a contractor or a staff person, it’s important to talk to (and investigate) whoever is slated to do the job.

5. Remember, you have a role to play too. Contribute ideas and take the time to understand what the consultant is implementing.

6. Be aware of other costs associated with a technology upgrade. Ongoing training, maintenance and lost productivity during implementation cost money.

7. An hourly or daily rate doesn’t tell the whole story. The consultant should show you where your return will be and why you should invest in a particular solution. They should be realistic and candid about what technologies cost. 

8. Beware of gung-ho consultants. Unless this new technology at least doubles a measurable aspect of your productivity, it’s generally not worth the risk or the money. It is prudent to wait hardware or software from both a cost and functionality standpoint. 

9. All information technology has some sort of life cycle. Have your consultant build in an on-site training and warranty agreement for malfunctions or mishaps. 

10.  123Tech won’t be satisfied until YOU are satisfied.  

We are located in New Jersey, FL and a friend told us about 123Tech. Do you serve only the Florida area?

123Tech is based in Tampa, Florida   We serve mainly the Florida area, even though we have many customers that we serve remotely (NY, NJ, Puertorico) either via telephone or by accessing the client computer.  We also support other countries if the language is not a barrier (Italian and Spanish are supported so far.)  We really prefer the remote Support which is the least expensive and faster type of Tech Support.  Call 123Tech to inquire about it.