Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services—servers, storage,  networking, software, databases, and more—over the Internet (often called “the cloud”).   Cloud service providers typically charge you a monthly fee for cloud computing services based on usage.

As cloud computing has grown in popularity, several different models and deployment strategies have emerged to help meet specific needs of different users.    Cloud computing allows you to take care of various services, at a fraction of the cost and have more capabilities.  From E-mail, Unified communication, Backup, and so on to a full-scaled hosted infrastructure.  These solutions are easily scalable and faster to implement.

There is no longer a need to purchase, run, and maintain an entire IT infrastructure on premises.

This type of technology can help your business save money and increase efficiency.

123Tech’s hosted solutions ensure your company is delivered a secure and efficient computing infrastructure that enables you to focus on the administration of your business and not your IT.

Hosted IT Solutions

Utilize our enterprise-level cloud solutions for significant cost reduction.

123Tech provides various cloud solutions that grant businesses like yours additional computing options that work to increase your company’s efficiency and productivity; and help you avoid the capital expenses that once was necessary for these type of services.

Be sure to ask us about other cloud solutions, such as:

  • Hosted Security and Backup
  • Hosted VoIP
  • Hosted Applications
  • Hosted Exchange Email
  • Email Filtering/Spam Protection

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